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Everyone has a book in them. Some of us are called to write our book and leave our legacy as a written message, and some are called to simply live their message and inspire others through how they live their lives.

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To write is to think,

to think is to create your world.

Everyone needs support to achieve their dreams and visions. We all need coaches, mentors, guides and teachers. When we recognize and say “Yes,” to the right support, we move beyond our own tension and resistance, and actualize our divine purpose.

Wendy Falcon

Writing Coach, Yoga Teacher & Author

Wendy Falcon is a genuine and heartfelt coach and yoga teacher. With her currently published books, Turn Your Life Insight Out, Shoe Town (children's book) and Turn Your Life Outside In—she has introduced adults and children to the joy and freedom of living life an inspired life.

Wendy's writing techniques, coaching style, and practical teachings have helped many people around the globe experience a state of clarity, vibrancy and inner peace. Her teachings and coaching focuses on the importance of Presence, as well as discovering, developing, and delivering their message, which transcends fear, doubt and overthinking.  Wendy sees this process as the essential next step in contributing to the rising consciousness of humanity.

Success Story

Wendy has been a game changer in my life, more than I could've imagined! I am so glad that I am finally taking the time to invest in me, the person I need to love first, before I can love anyone else. I am now writing the book I have always wanted to write. I have healed family relationships, forgiven myself for past mistakes and I am living in the present. Wendy is a gift I am giving to myself that keeps on giving.


Success Story

When I started coaching with Wendy,  my biggest challenge was never having been in a relationship, which is something I wanted so badly. I always felt alone and was so tired of doing everything in life by myself. I felt that there was something wrong with me, that I was clearly unlovable.  

Through this coaching, I became clear on exactly what it was that I wanted, not what I thought everyone else would want for my life. As a result, I manifested my dad moving back to Arizona and he actually now lives with me and we are planting a big garden this weekend which is something I became clear about wanting.  AND, I manifested the most beautiful, magical relationship. I attracted an incredible man into my life and we share a deep love and connection unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I trusted the process and ended up identifying so much of what was holding me back in love and in life. I can now see that my biggest challenge was not loving myself and not seeing my worth and value and what I am deserving of in a man and a relationship. Our minds are powerful and I am so grateful for this outlet I was given to create and bring forth such beauty and peace into my life.