PranayamaĀ & MeditationĀ & Yoga

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Developing a relationship with your higher Mind, body, and breath is one of the greatest ways to inform and transform your inner and outer world. Each week we develop a deeper and richer connection with our Prana {life force energy}. Pranayama is a dynamic, stable practice of moving breath. Meditation is a still practice of opening and receiving more refined energy to elevate consciousness and well-being.

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In these online classes you will experience...


A new relationship with your body, breath and mind through deeply beneficial, timeless practices of Pranyama and Meditation. 

In pranayama we use posture, breath and imagination to dynamically move  energy in a skillful way that vitalizes your body, clears your mind, and deepens your felt connection with your life-force.

In meditation we learn to have command over our attention. We also learn how to surrender tension and open to greater energy, stillness, and peace. The practice develops our inner strength to navigate life challenges with joy and gratitude.

Find A New Inner-Strength!

You've prayed for a simpler, easier way to have greater focus, clarity, and overall well-being. The classes are here to serve you in these ways and more...

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Benefits of this Breathwork and Meditation practice can include...

  • Increased Happiness
  • Energy Gain
  • Centeredness 
  • Boosted immunity
  • Increased consciousness 
  • Enriched creativity
  • Improved relationships 
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem.
  • Overcoming impulsive behavior
  • Reduced stress and anxiety 
  • Releasing Tension
  • Being Grounded

These practices are so revered and widely sought after because they support people in cultivating their inner-world.

"We create things two times, first internally and second externally" -Bob Proctor.  

When we have command over our attention, we have the freedom to focus on and invest in what serves us and others.

Learn to quiet the mind, focus our attention, and receive a new level of life force energy (Prana). One of the many benefits of breathwork is building a bridge to a strong meditation practice. 

Deepening your connection with your inner-word gives you the opportunity to open and receive greater vitality, energy, clarity, joy and so much more. 

Peace isn’t about manipulating things inside or outside of yourself, it’s about finding the quiet, powerful nature within.

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