Discover Inner Peace

A beginners course in meditation

Flexible Self-Paced Course: Accessible On-Demand.

Invest In Yourself

Are you sometimes distracted when you need to be focused?

Do you wish you could be more balanced when confronted with challenges?

Have you been praying for a new level of energy and vitality? 

Join us and find solutions through meditation.

Direct Your Attention

Distractions are everywhere. Learn how to turn your attention inward and focus on developing your inner-world.

Choose How You Feel

Learn how to choose your feelings and have a sensational life.

Control Your Energy

Learn how to control your energy and increase vitality.

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Flexible Self-Paced Course: Accessible On-Demand.

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Carrie Bowman

Wendy Falcon gave me tools I will use the tools for the rest of my life. I am able to maintain focus and alleviate daily stress. I feel more confident, peaceful, and happier. I learned how to forgive myself, others and prioritize self-care. I highly recommend this life-changing course.

Sharon Didion

This course taught me what meditation is and what it isn’t. I have the ability to change my energy and inner state at a moment’s notice. I now can tune in and understand what the universe is saying to me.

I'm Wendy

I am a transformational coach, yoga teacher and author. I teach asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation (stillness). I'm trained in the lineages of Hatha, Ashtanga, Katonah and Kundalini Yoga. With a 600hr RYT certification and thousands of hours of practice and teaching, I help you invest in your largest investment; yourself.

Join us for this meditation course and discover your path to inner-peace.

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Go deeper and discover who you really on this path to Inner-Peace.

Embrace the answer to your quest for genuine inner peace. Treat yourself to this enriching course designed to support you at your next level of inner-development. Discover the tools, techniques and teachings you need to create a thriving meditation practice and experience the inner strength and peace you deserve.

Flexible  Self ~ Paced Course: Accessible On-Demand