About Wendy

Writing Coach, Yoga Teacher & Author

Wendy Falcon is a genuine and heartfelt coach and yoga teacher. With her currently published books , Turn Your Life Insight Out and  Shoe Town (children's book)—she has introduced adults and children to the joy and freedom of living life an inspired life.

Wendy's writing techniques, coaching style, and practical teachings have helped many people around the globe experience a state of clarity, vibrancy and inner peace. Her teachings and coaching focuses on the importance of Presence, as well as discovering, developing, and delivering their message, which transcends fear, doubt and overthinking.  Wendy sees this process as the essential next step in contributing to the rising consciousness of humanity.

About Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the quill pen and the Puffer fish. The pen represents the power we have to think, and create through what we write into the book of our lives. The Puffer fish makes stunning artwork in the sand.

This seemingly dull, almost invisible fish looks like it is just moving sand around to pass the time. However, this fish is actually creating a mathematical masterpiece on the ocean floor. He delivers this, almost unbelievable creation, with the timing of the currents in his environment.

We see each person in this light, at any given moment, our lives may seem dull or appear chaotic or fragmented. However, Each time we pan out and look at the larger view we see the perfection and absolute beauty in the choreographed design of our purposeful actions and our lives.

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