Say Yes to Your Dream! 


Feel trapped by the past's limiting narratives?

Yearn for a life free from unproductive habits and self-imposed boundaries?

Step into a life that mirrors the real you.

About The Course:

"Unwrite Your Story" is a transformative 12-week course guiding you through a process of unwriting your personal narrative, erasing false beliefs and living your purpose.

But that's not all.

We supplement our teachings with meditation practice; fostering a strong mind, open heart, and relaxed body. Consider this group course a MasterHeart - a space where your dreams and Life are valued, appreciated, and honed.

Why Unwrite Your Story?

  • Elevate your life and uplift those around you
  • Foster connections with a conscious community of visionaries
  • Be supported in breaking though to the next phase of your life

This isn't just about rewriting you life story—it's about living it.

You are invited to be a part of this extraordinary opportunity and group of people.


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Course Highlights

  • Structured weekly group sessions to erase unwanted stories.
  • Writing practices to articulate and affirm your new life's narrative.
  • Guided breathwork and meditation to cultivate tranquility and clarity.
  • A supportive community, all embarking on new beginnings.

Carrie Bowman

Wendy Falcon gave me tools I will use the tools for the rest of my life. I am able to maintain focus and alleviate daily stress. I feel more confident, peaceful, and happier. I learned how to forgive myself, others and prioritize self-care. I highly recommend this life-changing course.

Sharon Didion

This course taught me what meditation is and what it isn’t. I have the ability to change my energy and inner state at a moment’s notice. I now can tune in and understand what the universe is saying to me.

Embrace the life you were born to live and discover who you really are.

Join us to Unwrite Your Story, create a thriving meditation practice and experience the inner strength and peace you deserve.



Course Begins April 21st ~ July 7th 2024

Sundays 11:00AM-1:00PM MST

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